Current and Recent Assignments

My professional background is in marketing and behaviour change, teaching adults, and development research communication. I’ve found I draw on all of these skills in every assignment where the goal is to help busy people make evidence-informed decisions.

I am currently working on:

Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH)

WISH is a Payments by Results programme funded by FCDO and I work within the Third Party Monitoring team as the Learning Lead. WISH is where I have really got to grips with the challenges of facilitating learning online between and within consortia working in different timezones and countries against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fleming Fund

The Fleming Fund is a £265 million UK aid programme supporting up to 24 countries across Africa and Asia to tackle antimicrobial resistance. The Fund is managed by the Department of Health and Social Care and invests in strengthening surveillance systems through a portfolio of country and regional grants, global projects and fellowship schemes. Working for Itad, the Fund’s evaluation partner, my role is to help the Fund’s stakeholders engage with the findings of the evaluation and support the design of the annual Partners Learning Event.

Recently completed assignments

Ideas to Impact

Funded by the Research & Evidence Division of DFID, Ideas to Impact ran innovation prizes focused on energy access, climate change adaptation and water & sanitation. My team (Evaluation & Learning) explored whether innovation prizes work and what they can offer to donors. My main role was coordinating the evaluations and sharing what we learned about:

  • value & use of innovation prizes for development 
  • risks and ethics of using prizes for social change
  • the day-to-day practicalities of designing and running prizes
  • how to evaluate prizes

WASH Results

Another DFID-funded programme, WASH Results aimed to support poor people in 12 countries to access improved water and sanitation, and to introduce improved hygiene practices. WASH Results was a Results Based Finance programme which means payments to Suppliers were contingent on verification of their monitoring and reporting systems by an Independent Verifier. I was the Communications Manager for the Verification Team, and helped disseminate the findings of the Evaluation Team.