Here is a selection of publications that I wrote or contributed to. Please share them with your network and contact me if you have any questions.

LATEST: Journal article on innovation prizes in development

Christopher Paul Barnett & Cheryl Brown (2021) ‘Who wins? Lessons on the use of innovation prizes to achieve social change for the benefit of the very poorest’, Development in Practice

Based on Itad’s evaluations from the Ideas to Impact programme of innovation prizes for development, you can download here the original manuscript of an article that has been accepted for publication in Development in Practice, published by Taylor & Francis. It was published on 5th May 2021, available online at:


‘Innovation Prizes for Development: A practical handbook for using prizes to help solve development challenges’ provides guidance to those who wish to experiment with innovation prizes in the development sector.

Publish Date: Sep, 2020

Author: Cheryl Brown, Bryony Everett, Lorenza Geronimo and Jonathan Slater

Available to download from the Ideas to Impact website.

Rising to the challenge: how to get the best value from using prizes to drive innovation for development.

Publish Date: Aug, 2020

Author: Cheryl Brown, Catherine Gould, Clare Stott

Available to download from the Ideas to Impact website.

Evaluation of DFID Online Research Portals and Repositories (published 2016)

I led the global market research component of this evaluation and Volume Two of the report starts with what we found out about how development actors use the internet to encounter and use research evidence. Volume One, Two and the Substantive report has lots of interesting stuff for anyone working in research communication, knowledge-brokering, etc. and introduced me to information behaviour theory (thanks, Helen Sharp, at the Open University). Nice to see DFID’s response up there too about what they’ve done with the findings.

Lessons Learned from GDNet (research portal for Southern development researchers)

Emara, S.; Brown, C. (2014) Listening to the South: What GDNet has learned about Southern researchers, their challenges and their needs. Cairo: GDNet

Brown, C. (2013) Implementing a gender audit of an online knowledge service: the experience of GDNet, Cairo: GDNet

Brown, C. (2011) Are southern academics virtually connected? A review of the adoption of web 2.0 tools for research collaboration by development researchers in the South, Cairo: GDNet